What is the Coquette Aesthetic? A Dive into The Trending Style

What is the Coquette Aesthetic? A Dive into The Trending Style

In the always-changing world of fashion and beauty, some styles tend stick around and keep catching people's eyes, no matter the generation. One of these timeless styles is the coquette look. It makes you think of elegance, flirting, and a bit of mystery. Artists, designers, and people who love fashion have been fascinated by the coquette style for a long time, and now with the power of the internet the coquette style has become one of the hottest fashion trends.

So, what exactly is the coquette aesthetic?

Origins of Coquette

Definined as an attitude, Coquette is a mix of innocence and charm, sweetness and being a bit alluring. The idea of coquette started in France around the 1700s, where a "coquette" was a woman who flirted in a playful but not serious way with guys. In recent times, the term has evolved from its definition of "a flirtatious woman" to an entire fashion style and aesthetic that can easily be recognized due to its unique look.

How to be Coquette

The coquette style is all about looking romantic and playful. It uses soft, light colors, especially pink, to make things feel delicate and fancy. Clothes made from flowing materials like lace, silk, and chiffon are popular, as they hang nicely and show off a person's curves. Little extras like frills, bows, and flower patterns make outfits playful and sweet, but still very charming.


Dresses with sweetheart necklines, puffy sleeves, and tight waists are typical of this style, bringing back feelings of elegance and romance from historical fashion trends. When it comes to the shape of clothes, the coquette style often goes for a fit-and-flare look. This means the clothes are tight at the waist and then flow out, making an hourglass shape.


Accessories are really important in creating a coquette look. Big bows and ribbons, as well as delicate jewelry and pretty heels, are carefully paired with an outfit in order to make someone look even more charming and cute. Other accessories include bags, frilly socks, and hair accessories. As long as the accessory's design fits the coquette style, it'll elevate your outfit!

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Common hairstyles worn with coquette outfits include playful curls and elegant curls, as well as neat updos adorned with ribbon bows or fancy hair clips. Dutch braids intertwined with pastel colored ribbons are a very popular coquette hairstyle right now. 


When it comes to makeup, the coquette look is all about soft, romantic styles. Think rosy cheeks, long eyelashes, and light pink lips that match the coquette aesthetic without looking too made-up. Don't be afraid of experimenting and creating your own unique coquette makeup look.


Coquette in 2024

Recently, the coquette style has become popular again, but with a modern twist. People are mixing classic looks with new, edgy touches. For example, they might wear a delicate lace dress with a black leather jacket, or combine flowery prints with bold accessories. There's also a bigger focus now on including all kinds of body shapes, skin colors, and personal styles in the coquette community. Femininity can look different for everyone, and the coquette style is all about celebrating who you are and expressing yourself. 

Whether you like vintage fashion, fun makeup, or the color pink, the coquette style lets you explore and discover yourself. So why not embrace your inner coquette and show off your charm? Have fun with the coquette trend and make it your own!